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Press review on the war in Ukraine

In view of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, the expertise of scholars dealing with Eastern Europe is particularly in demand. The Institute of Eastern and South East European History offers this expertise and strives to bring this knowledge to the public. Here you can find an overview of interviews, articles, speeches etc. by members of the Institute of Eastern and South East European History.


The various colloquia, which are led by the institute’s professors, offer exciting insights into current research projects. Students are also explicitly invited to take part in the events. Here you can find the current semester programmes and a review of past years.

LMU Munich is a lively centre of research on Eastern Europe: the Institute of Eastern and South East European History, with four professorships, visiting lecturers, research assistants and numerous project staff, makes an important contribution to research and teaching on the turbulent past of the regions of Eastern and South Eastern Europe. From research into the imperial history of Russia and the Soviet Union to the religious history of East-Central Europe and ethnic conflicts in the Balkans, the regional, thematic and temporal focuses offer a wide variety.